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Live online certified teachers

Whizara connects school administrators with high-quality teachers to fill teacher vacancies and expand course offerings. As a Whizara teacher, you gain the freedom to teach on your terms!

  • Set your schedule

  • Pick the classes you want to teach

  • Teach students nationwide

  • Receive unlimited support from Whizara in ensuring enjoyable teaching experience


Whizara believes that great teachers bear great influence on their student's trajectory. Are you driven by seeing your students succeed?

Join our network of certified teachers   

Live online and in-person specialty subject instructors


Whizara offers managed specialty programs at partner schools to expand the range of learning opportunities available to students beyond the standard state-mandated K-12 education, including computer science, robotics, engineering and technology courses. As an instructor for specialty programs on Whizara’s managed marketplace, you gain the freedom to teach on your terms!

  • Set your schedule

  • Pick the classes you want to teach

  • Teach students in-person and online

  • Receive full access to Whizara’s standards-approved curriculum

  • Receive unlimited support from Whizara in ensuring enjoyable teaching experience

Are you driven to teach courses to students you wished you had access to as a child?

Join our network of specialty instructors

  • Who are the students?
    Whizara’s programs are offered to students ages 5-18..
  • Where are the students?
    The students participate in our programs from school classrooms and youth centers across multiple states in the US.
  • How does it work?
    Whizara’s offers live virtual and in-person programs. Teachers at Whizara lead the classes that they accept to teach and are responsible for student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Are the teaching positions for online or in-person classes?
    Whizara’s programs are offered in online, in-person and hybrid formats. You may choose to teach from the available programs that work with your availability and preference.
  • I am not a certified teacher. Can I still teach at Whizara?
    Whizara’s K-12 education programs for core subjects require a valid teaching certification. Specialty/non-core courses may be taught by subject matter experts and do not require a teaching certification.
  • How does the online class work?
    The students participate in the class from a brick and mortar classroom. Teachers teach remotely via video conferencing into the classroom on a big screen at the front of the classroom. Teachers teach interactive classes where students interact with teachers via microphone and chat. There is an in-class proctor to help manage classroom behavior, logistics and any technology issues.
  • I am based outside the US. Can I apply to teach?
    You may apply for the remote teaching positions provided you have a US work authorization, a US bank account and US address for payroll and tax purposes. You may be physically based outside the United States and teach the online programs as long as the above requirements are met.
  • Do you offer full-time teaching positions?
    All our teaching positions are 1099 contractor positions. We request that you are available to teach consistently the classes that you accept to teach.
  • What are the minimum and maximum number of hours that I can teach?
    There are no minimum or maximum limits to the number of hours you work for us. We do not guarantee any amount of hours.
  • Are the teaching positions for programs during or after school hours?
    Whizara’s classes include a mix of classes that happen during and after school hours. Teachers accept to teach the classes that fit their expertise and availability.
  • Are these year-round positions?
    Most of our programs follow the traditional school year calendar. Some programs are seasonal or summer-only.
  • Are the teaching positions a W2 position?
    The teaching positions are part-time as 1099 independent contractors, where we do not take out taxes. You will need to file your own taxes at the end of the year.
  • Are the teaching positions offered benefits?
    All of our teaching positions are as part-time 1099 independent contractors, and they do not include benefits such as insurance, 401k or any benefits.
  • How can I apply?
    Please visit and create an account to begin your application. You will be asked to submit your education and work experience, teaching preferences and a few videos demonstrating your teaching, classroom management and lesson planning skills.
  • How does the onboarding process work?
    If hired, you will be sent a welcome email with information on completing your profile and training, including training on navigating the Whizara platform. Once onboarded, you will have access to upcoming programs as and when a need arises that you may accept to teach. You may need to wait until a program matching your subject area, availability and certification opens up. Whizara’s operations team will be available to support you as needed.
  • Do you offer any additional resources?
    Whizara is committed to offering high quality learning to its students and supporting teaching in providing high quality teaching. Aside from the training available as a part of onboarding, Whizara shares useful resources with teachers on an ongoing basis in areas including classroom management, student engagement, tools and technologies, and social emotional learning.
  • Do I have to create lesson plans?
    Whizara provides access to its K-12 CSTA approved coding curricula and certain robotics and technology courses. Teachers may customize the provided lesson plans and strategies to teach to meet their students’ learning needs. For all other subjects, teachers are responsible for developing lesson plans that align with the school’s scope and sequence.
  • Am I compensated for grading and developing lesson plans?
    Yes, grading and lesson plan development related work is compensated as long as they are pre-agreed and pre-approved by Whizara or the school you are teaching at.
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