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Part-time Computer Programming/Robotics Instructor

Whizara is always looking for enthusiastic, high-energy computer programming/robotics
instructors for its in-person classes. Read on if you are a coding enthusiast and
passionate about teaching.

Job Responsibilities
● Create a classroom environment conducive to learning.
● Be punctual, reliable, organized and efficient to run an effective class.
● Follow curriculum, set student's goals, motivate and guide students to provide an

enjoyable learning experience.
● Monitor student progress, advise students and provide feedback and support to students
as required to meet student outcomes and course objectives.
● Work effectively with students, teachers and parents to achieve course goals.
● Provide feedback from classroom experience into curriculum development, instructional
methods, objectives and philosophy.
● Work independently and be a self-starter.
● Communicate via email and phone with us as needed.

Job Requirements
● Computer science student or recent computer science grad (GPA 3.0 or above).
● Experience with programming in one or more programming languages including Python,
Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, C/C++, Scratch; LEGO robotics, RaspberryPi/Arduino.
● Previous teaching or tutoring experience is highly preferred.
● Very comfortable with technology and using computers.
● Must be comfortable teaching kids including elementary, middle and high school
● Must be able to work in a classroom environment alongside teachers and/or

To apply for the position, please email your resume to with the subject line
“Computer Programming/Robotics Instructor”

Virtual Certified Teachers (Math, ELA, Science, SpEd)

Join Whizara’s network of live virtual teachers to bring educational equity. Whizara is looking for
passionate teachers! Set your schedule to teach students across the country in live virtual
classes. Whizara’s remote teaching platform enables you to bring education to and impact
students nationwide.

Job Responsibilities
● Provide high quality live instruction to achieve learning outcomes and student success
● Be the teacher of record for your subject at the assigned school
● Foster an engaging and encouraging virtual classroom environment
● Collaborate with in-class proctor and differentiate instructions to ensure that the learning
objectives are met
● Participate in professional development and team meetings

● A bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college in the United States
● An active teaching certification in your subject area
● Prior experience working with students in a an in-person or virtual classroom setting
● Availability to work part-time between 5-25 hours per week during school hours
● Ability to commit to class periods occurring Monday through Friday during school hours
● Expertise in using digital tools and technology to teach interactive and engaging virtual
classes effectively
● A laptop/desktop computer with a reliable high-speed internet connection.

To apply for the position, please email your resume to with subject: <Subjects
you want to teach>:<Grade levels you want to teach>

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