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Vetted and Trained Engaging Teachers

Teacher and Pupils

Pre-vetted teachers

Whizara’s teachers go through a rigorous vetting process, and only applicants with commitment towards students’ success are onboarded. Whizara’s managed marketplace does the legwork to ensure a smooth experience working with our teachers, and a high-quality and high-engagement learning experience for your students.

Certified teachers

Whizara’s live online K-12 education teachers have US teaching certifications, empowering you to bring expert teachers from around the country into your classrooms to effectively support the academic growth of your students.

Online Teacher

Pre-trained teachers

Whizara’s teachers are trained and equipped with skills and know how of tools and methodologies to facilitate high-engagement and fun classes so their students are immersed and involved and look forward to their classes.

Supported by Whizara’s Team

Whizara’s approach with 360 degree feedback and support ensures that the teachers learn from the collective experiences of our teachers and are supported with resources needed to do their job.

Virtual Team Meeting

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