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Connect your Students with Expert Teachers Nationwide

Offer high-quality equitable learning opportunities
to your students year-round

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Build equity, offer uninterrupted year-round learning, fill open teaching positions and enrich students with unique electives and specialty classes

Live virtual
K-12 education

Certified teachers for core, elective and specialty classes

Live Virtual

1:1 or small group high impact tutoring to achieve academic growth and progression

Live virtual summer school

Live Virtual Summer School

Summer learning customized for your students’ needs to prevent summer slide and meet the learning objectives

*In-person programs available in select cities

In-person & Live Virtual Afterschool Programs

In-person & Live Virtual Afterschool Programs

Offer a range of extracurricular and enrichment programs to provide your students opportunities to grow beyond school 

*In-person programs available in select cities

Offer core and specialty courses

Social Studies
Computer Science
World Languages
Special Education

Real-life testimonials:
Why school administrators
love  Whizara for their students.

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Jake H, Principal, St Johns Lutheran

"We have had students interested in coding, but did not have staff with content knowledge to teach it. Whizara did a wonderful job of providing the curriculum and the expertise to give our students great success with their first experience in coding. The students grew tremendously throughout the class, as the instructor was kind, knowledgeable and related well with the students. The scope and sequence of the curriculum was excellent and I couldn’t believe how much progress the students made in just 10 weeks. Our school looks forward to working with Whizara again in the future! "
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