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High-quality summer school taught by live virtual credentialed teachers

  * Available in-person in selected locations

Ensure continued learning and academic growth over summer. Offer your students  customized learning opportunities aligned with your curriculum and your objectives. 

Raising Hands

Convert Summer Slide to Summer Climb

Whizara’s instructor-led summer school and tutoring offer live online and in-person* instructions aligned with your students’ learning needs and your schedule. Our instructors lead highly interactive sessions to ensure student outcomes in improved comprehension and performance, be it for credit recovery, meeting prerequisites or academic enrichment.

Offer core and specialty courses

Social Studies
World Languages
Computer Science
Special Education

“Whizara's  has brought coding to life for our kids at Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club.  The instructors have been very caring and attentive to the kids.  Administrative staff have been incredibly responsive and helpful.  It took a little while for our kids to get immersed in it and now they are lining up at the door to participate.  They are truly getting the hang of this whole Coding thing and they are having fun with it, while learning important skills for futures in technology!”

Carlyn O, Ed.M., Director of Operations, 

Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club

Share your objectives, set your schedule and leave the rest to Whizara!

Ask any questions about Whizara’s summer school or share your needs, and we will get back to you promptly!

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