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    Live online K-12 coding, math and physics programs to propel students towards STEM and computing careers
    * In-person programs available in select cities


    Personalized 1:1 classes for students ages 5-18

    Robust and engaging curricula matched with elite instructors take the learning experience to the next level


    Live online integrated coding, Al and math holiday camps for ages 5-18

    Make the most of the holiday breaks to learn new skills and create personalized projects.

Immersive and Structured Learning

Immersive and Structured Learning

Engagement built into curriculum and teaching methodology

Engagement built into curriculum and teaching methodology

Customized lessons to meet student’s specific learning needs

Customized lessons to meet student’s specific learning needs

Innovative curriculum designed to impart digital literacy and STEAM education to the next generation

Innovative integrated coding and STEAM programs that grow with the kids to provide age appropriate learning that nurture interests and provide opportunities for kids to create personalized real world projects and develop 21st century career skills.

Trusted by Parents and School Administrators







Live online since inception offering unmatched quality and learning experience

A unique program where kids grow academically, acquire coding skills, advance math and science skills, and get ready for AP® exams

Courses designed by teachers, science and tech enthusiasts and computer scientists and aligned with K-12 CSTA, Common Core, TEKS standards and AP® framework. Kids develop computational thinking and design thinking via project-based and problem-based coding, AI, math and physics courses.

Classes led by elite and passionate instructors

Classes led by elite and passionate instructors

trained to run student-centered interactive live online classes

Thoughtfully designed immersive curricula

Thoughtfully designed immersive curricula

that harness students’ creativity and curiosity through project-based and inquiry-based learning

Offering in-depth learning for a breadth of courses

Offering in-depth learning for a breadth of courses

for coding, AI, math and physics, including Scratch, Python, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Java, C++, Unity, Mobile App Development, AP® Computer Science, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, AP® Math, AP® Physics and more

Safe & encouraging online learning environment

Safe & encouraging online learning environment

enabled by thorough vetting, background check and monitoring of instructors

Proven pedagogy

Proven pedagogy

mastered over years of teaching student-centered live online classes in classroom as well as 1:1 environments to attain high student engagement and outcome

Age appropriate engaging coding and advanced math and physics courses

Age appropriate engaging coding and advanced math and physics courses

for kindergartners to college-bound students​ that develops interest and builds confidence in the acquired skills

Meet the founder and some of the instructors who make it happen!


Smita Shrivastava

Founder & CEO

Smita is a software industry veteran and an entrepreneur with two decades of experience in various technical and business roles at Silicon Valley technology companies. She is passionate about computer science education and founded Whizara to enable opportunities for young students to learn coding and computational thinking, and use it as a tool to create their own amazing applications. She holds a Bachelors in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Masters in Computer Science from the University of California Santa Cruz, and MBA from INSEAD, France.


Wesley W

Whizara Instructor

Wesley is studying Computer Science and Engineering at University of California San Diego. "I teach Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Java, C++. I believe that computer science hides simple and easy to understand ideas behind foreign and confusing looking code, which makes it scary to learn. I enjoy breaking down code into the simplicity behind them and watching students realize that all the scary looking code on the screen makes perfect sense."


Richard C

Whizara Instructor

Richard is studying Computer Science at Stanford University. "Teaching is awesome in that I learn as much as I teach, and oftentimes our different ways of thinking build off of each other. It's rewarding to see students make their way around difficult problems and their excitement as they come up with a solution. A wow moment once happened and I was blown away when a student essentially came up with their own logical way to think about the interior angle formula, solving a problem in a way I hadn't seen before."


Tucker R

Whizara Instructor
Tucker is studying EE and Computer Science at Rice University. "I love coding because it really feels like I can make anything if I put enough time into it, it really is a kind of modern day magic. I primarily teach Python but I have experience in everything from programming microprocessors in C all the way up to high-level web development frameworks in HTML/JS. My favorite part of teaching is helping students pursue their own projects. It is amazing to see when a student creates something they never thought they would be able to do."


Brandy N

Whizara Instructor

Brandy is studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley. "With practice, anyone can be good at programming, no matter their age or experience, and use it to make some pretty amazing things. I teach Python and Scratch. What I love the most about teaching are those “Eureka!” moments when students finally understand a concept and where the fun and beauty of code reveals itself best, and students are able to apply their own creativity to these concepts. I encourage anybody who is even the slightest bit interested in coding to give it a shot - like me, you might discover something you didn’t expect to find!

What parents, teachers and school administrators are saying

Hattie M

Founder, Crete Academy

Learn2Code.Live program further developed our students' creativity. Using the program not only taught them coding but also critical thinking and reasoning skills that go beyond coding and support students in all subjects.

Micah F


Kid Enjoys His Class - Can't Ask for More. My kid is enjoying his coding class, specialized into areas that he likes, making it challenging and a continued joy for him. Honestly can't ask for more when he is wanting to continue with the class.

Keren K


Fantastic. My son thoroughly enjoyed every lesson, and learned so much! Absolutely recommend. Very flexible, personal, and efficient. They will make it work for you.

Approved for standards alignment

Approved for quality PD


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