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Virtual & Hybrid Teacher and Staff Hiring and Management, Reimagined

  • Supports administrators with hiring qualified educators and staff to effectively support academic growth for students. The 2022-23 school year started with over 50,000 teacher vacancies with more than 45% of districts around the country reporting significant teacher shortages in one or more subject areas.

  • Cost-effective method to support hiring, mentoring, retention and scheduling. On average, school districts spend $25K-$30K on hiring and training staff that is then lost if an educator leaves.

  • Provides administrators access to a larger and more diverse innovative, equitable talent pool of certified virtual educators. A 2022 Kansas State University study shows that more than 160,000 staff positions were filled by “Underqualified” teachers.

  • Gives administrators and educators time back in their day to focus on instruction, managing their daily tasks and creating positive connections with scholars, parents and their community. Pandemic driven learning loss has also further affected administrators’ priorities with managing and guiding the efficiency and effectiveness of their schools and the district overall

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