Sana Morris

Best private for online schoolingBest private for online schooling, best for my daughter!!

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Doris Luk

We have tried different coding classes…We have tried different coding classes and this one is definitely a keeper! My son enjoyed the summer classes and after-school classes offered by Whizara so much so that we decided to do private lessons and it’s money well spent! My son aced his computer classes at school without any...

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Best online private coding classes best online private coding classes! My 9-year-old daughter is hooked and learning so much. It’s the after-school activity she actually looks forward to and enjoys. Her teacher is so good – both educationally and personality-wise – she really connects with kids and goes the extra mile. Highly recommend.

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Great class! My kid is very shy and choosy about activities. He loved this class. He was excited to show me the game he made.

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Keren K

Fantastic. My son thoroughly enjoyed every lesson, and learned so much! Absolutely recommend. Very flexible, personal, and efficient. They will make it work for you.

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Swati A

My son attended the online session for coding and he really enjoyed it. The instructor was very composed while teaching and was going in a very comfortable pace. He cleared all the doubts that my son had during the course. My son has now begun to have an interest in coding thanks to the way...

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Micah F

Kid Enjoys His Class – Can’t Ask for More. My kid is enjoying his coding class, specialized into areas that he likes, making it challenging and a continued joy for him. Honestly can’t ask for more when he is wanting to continue with the class.

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