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Get a Head Start Into Professional World 

College Students

Finally, a platform that enables you to build your portfolio with real-world projects and build relationships with employers at all stages of your college career! If the answer to any of the below is yes, then Whizara is the right platform for you: 

  • Do you value industry experience?

  • Do you want to build a portfolio of real-world projects to apply your skills and learn new ones?

  • Does working on smaller projects with an employer help you build relationships with potential employers for long term projects or full-time employment?

  • Do you value first-hand reviews from peers who have worked for an employer before?

Whizara provides a unique way for you to connect with small to large scale, one-time to long-term projects. While you build your portfolio, you engage with potential employers and peers, build relationships and gain first hand insights into your peers' experiences working with employers. Thus, connecting you with the right opportunity to get a head start into the professional world. Interested?

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