Innovative elementary to AP Math courses

Students learn the same math concepts via mix of unique project-based and problem-based learning approach that takes the student engagement and learning outcome to the next level

Math classes for high school students

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, college-educated STEM job holders earn between 29% and 39% more per hour than non-STEM employees with equivalent educational attainment.

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Project-based, Problem-based and Game-based visual and hands-on learning that puts math concepts in perspective

Whizara’s courses bring the best out of math learning via hands-on problem solving project design and development where students appreciate the ‘why’ behind the math concepts.

* Aligned with Common Core and TEKS standards and AP® curriculum specified by the College Board

A unique learning experience where students develop computational thinking and appreciate math in a whole new light

Project-based learning that harnesses students’ creativity in solving math problems

Develops design thinking as students analyze problems and ideate solutions

Designed by teachers and tech enthusiasts with student engagement and outcome at its core

Math Courses Integrated with Digital Literacy

Math is all around us and so are digital tools and manifestations of coding. Whizara’s math courses impart the math skills while preparing students to create solutions to math problems via the next generation coding and digital tools. 

High School Math Courses

* Courses aligned with Common Core standards and  AP® curriculum specified by the College Board


  • Karen K


    Fantastic. My son thoroughly enjoyed every lesson, and learned so much! Absolutely recommend. Very flexible, personal, and efficient. They will make it work for you.
  • Cindy J

    Principal, SFSCS

    Our school has adopted the coding class provided by Learn2Code and we have found it to be a very valuable enhancement to our STEM programs. Our students have found it engaging and beneficial! We are very pleased with the service we have been provided and the content - the instructor is also wonderful!
  • Swati A


    My son attended the online session for coding and he really enjoyed it. The instructor was very composed while teaching and was going in a very comfortable pace. He cleared all the doubts that my son had during the course. My son has now begun to have an interest in coding thanks to the way the session was conducted and we look forward to more such sessions from Learn2Code.Live. I strongly recommend Learn2Code.Live to aspiring young coders. Kudos to the team !!
  • Micah F


    Learn2Code.Live program further developed our students' creativity. Using the program not only taught them coding but also critical thinking and reasoning skills that go beyond coding and support students in all subjects.

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