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Whizara’s Introduction to Python Programming course introduces students to the fundamentals of syntax-based programming via its fun, graphics, animation, and game-based engaging curriculum. Students learn the fundamental programming concepts including variables, user inputs/output, random, conditionals, loops, functions, events, list and more. The course further reinforces computational concepts of sequencing, pattern recognition and algorithmic thinking, and software development process. No prior coding experience is required to participate in this course. A Chromebook or any computer/PC with internet connectivity is required to join the course.


Introduction to Python Programming
Gr 4+

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1:

  • Introduction to Python and Trinket IDE

  • Python Syntax Basics

  • Outputting to Screen

  • Turtle basics (drawing circles and using colors)

  • Lesson 2: 

  • Built-in functions

  • Variables

  • Math operations

  • Turtle graphics (turtle movements and turns)

  • Sequencing and pattern recognition

  • Debugging 

  • Lesson 3:

  • input() to accept user input

  • Animations using Python turtle

  • Testing and debugging programs

  • Lesson 4:

  • Comparison and logical operators and writing boolean expressions

  • Conditionals to write programs with decision construct

  • Design aspects of a program

  • Using conditionals in animations

  • Pair programming

  • Lesson5:

  • Random numbers

  • Debugging programs

  • Design aspects of animation

  • Using random numbers in animations

  • Pair programming

  • Lesson 6:

  •  for loops.

  • Debugging programs

  • Applying computational thinking principles - Decomposition and Sequencing, Pattern Recognition

  • Using for loops in animations

  • Additional Turtle Functions (clone, distance, towards, setheading)

  • Pair programming

  • Lesson 7:

  • While loops

  • Nested loops

  • Debugging programs

  • Applying computational thinking principles - Decomposition and Sequencing, Pattern Recognition

  • Using for and while loops in animations

  • Working in teams

  • Lesson 8:

  • String and list data

  • Debugging programs

  • Applying computational thinking principles - Decomposition and Sequencing, Pattern Recognition, Abstraction and Algorithm

  • Using conditionals, loops and functions in animations

  • Working in Teams

  • Lesson 9:

  • User defined functions

  • Debugging programs

  • Introduction to Iterative Software Development Process

  • Using conditionals, loops and functions in animations

  • Working independently as well as in teams to write solutions to computational problems

  • Lesson 10*:

  • Space Invader Game Project 

  • Using computational thinking

  • Project tracking

  • Collaborating in team

  • Using Iterative Software Development Process

  • Students will debug programs.

  • Using variables, conditionals, loops, events and functions in animations

  • * Project of students’ choice

Computer Class
Abstract Linear Background

Approved for Standards Alignment


Approved for Quality PD



Jake H, Principal, St Johns Lutheran

"We have had students interested in coding, but did not have staff with content knowledge to teach it. Whizara did a wonderful job of providing the curriculum and the expertise to give our students great success with their first experience in coding. The students grew tremendously throughout the class, as the instructor was kind, knowledgeable and related well with the students. The scope and sequence of the curriculum was excellent and I couldn’t believe how much progress the students made in just 10 weeks. Our school looks forward to working with Whizara again in the future! "

Hattie M, Founder, Crete Academy

"Whizara program further developed our students' creativity. Using the program not only taught them coding but also critical thinking and reasoning skills that go beyond coding and support students in all subjects. "

Cindy J, Principal, Santa Fe Springs Christian School

"Our school has adopted the coding class provided by Learn2Code and we have found it to be a very valuable enhancement to our STEM programs. Our students have found it engaging and beneficial! We are very pleased with the service we have been provided and the content - the instructor is also wonderful!"
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