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Connect with Rising Talent

Writing on Glass

Finally, a social platform to engage talent, accomplish brand building and meet your hiring goals, all in one place! If the answer to any of the below is yes, then Whizara is the right platform for you:

  • Does your talent strategy include hiring entry-level staff?

  • Do you find it valuable to learn more than a text-based resume about the candidates before inviting them to interviews?

  • Does vetting candidates in smaller projects makes hiring decisions more informed for long-term projects and potentially full-time employment later down the line?

  • Do you value first-hand reviews from past managers before hiring part-time or full-time talent?

  • Do you want to tell stories and experiences of your employees and company culture to build your brand and attract talent?

Whizara provides a unique way to connect with talent for small to large budget, one-time to long-term projects. While you get  your projects completed, you build your brand, engage your audience, build relationships and gain first hand insights into skillsets of potential future employees. Thus, connecting with the right talent for your dream team. Interested?

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