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One Stop Virtual Teacher Hiring and Management, Reimagined
Hire pre-screened certified teachers to be a part of your team

A large network of certified teachers 

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The increasing teacher shortage and the changing needs for teacher recruitment calls for rethinking putting schools in control of virtual certified teacher hiring needs.

Whizara's EdPlus solution is designed to put schools at the center of the hiring decision-making to ensure high-quality remote staff for their students while providing the logistical framework to ensure smooth teacher onboarding, scheduling and remote class logistics.

Bring Whizara to Your School

How is Whizara EdPlus different?

  • Staff your classes with certified virtual teachers in clicks and leave the online class and payment logistics to Whizara

  • Build direct relationship with your virtual teachers, remain in control of the job responsibilities, professional development and more

  • Remain in control of your curriculum as you should be

  • Maintain uninterrupted learning by staffing classes with qualified virtual substitutes in clicks

  • Peace of mind of Whizara's online class logistics, training and support to get your virtual programs up and running smoothly

  • Designed to meet all teaching staff needs: core courses, electives and CTE courses

  • Last but not the lease: the most cost-effective solution in the industry


Jake H, Principal, St Johns Lutheran

"We have had students interested in coding, but did not have staff with content knowledge to teach it. Whizara did a wonderful job of providing the curriculum and the expertise to give our students great success with their first experience in coding. The students grew tremendously throughout the class, as the instructor was kind, knowledgeable and related well with the students. The scope and sequence of the curriculum was excellent and I couldn’t believe how much progress the students made in just 10 weeks. Our school looks forward to working with Whizara again in the future! "

Hattie M, Founder, Crete Academy

"Whizara program further developed our students' creativity. Using the program not only taught them coding but also critical thinking and reasoning skills that go beyond coding and support students in all subjects. "

Cindy J, Principal, Santa Fe Springs Christian School

"Our school has adopted the coding class provided by Learn2Code and we have found it to be a very valuable enhancement to our STEM programs. Our students have found it engaging and beneficial! We are very pleased with the service we have been provided and the content - the instructor is also wonderful!"
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