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Whizara’s Intermediate Python programming course builds on the Introduction to Python course and lays the foundation of object oriented programming (OOP), lists, sets dictionaries, ​file and error handling while further reinforcing concepts from the Introduction to Python programming course. Students further develop computational thinking and fluency in the software development process and develop Python programs to solve complex real world problems and game projects. Students develop a course-end project to showcase their learnings from the course. Prerequisites: Prior experience with the concepts taught in the Introduction to Python programming course is required to participate in this course. A laptop or any computer/PC with internet connectivity is required to participate in this course. 


Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: 

  • 1. Downloading Python software 

  • 2. Introduction to IDLE 

  • 3. Configuring IDLE 

  • 4. Writing a Python program and running it in IDLE 

  • 5. Revisiting Python lists 

  • 6. Introduction to Python two dimensional lists 

  • 7. 2D Lists - User Input, Display and Accessing elements 

  • 8. Updating elements of a 2D list 

  • 9. 2D list slicing 

  • Lesson 2: 

  • 1. Introduction to Text Files and File Handling 

  • 2. Writing to a file 

  • 3. Reading a file 

  • 4. Appending data to a file 

  • 5. Searching for data in a file 

  • 6. Deleting data in a file 

  • Lesson 3: 

  • 1. Introduction to Python sets 

  • 2. Creating, accessing and editing sets 

  • 3. Set Operations - union and intersection 

  • 4. Introduction to Python tuples 

  • 5. Creating, accessing and editing tuples 

  • 6. Slicing and Copying Tuples 

  • 7. Introduction to Python dictionaries 

  • 8. Creating, accessing and editing dictionaries 

  • Lesson 4: 

  • 1. Importing and using Python modules 

  • 2. Installing and using third party libraries 

  • 3. playsound 

  • 4. Introduction to tkinter 

  • 5. Label and Button widgets 

  • 6. Widgets, methods and properties for designing games 

  • 7. Building color game in tkinter

  • 8. Passing arguments to Button functions 

  • Lesson5: 

  • 1. Introduction to OOP and associated terminology 

  • 2. Creating classes and objects 

  • 3. Constructors 

  • 4. Accessing attributes and methods 

  • 5. Creating and Importing Modules 

  • Lesson 6: OOP Continued 

  • 1. Data Hiding in Python 

  • 2. Introduction to Inheritance and Polymorphism concepts 3. Inheritance in Python 

  • 4. Types of Inheritance and Inheritance methods 

  • 5. Polymorphism in Python 

  • Lesson 7: Project

  • Pdb Module

  • Snake Game Project

  • Iterative Software Development

  • Project Tracking

Computer Class

Intermediate Python Programming
Gr 6+

Abstract Linear Background

Approved for Standards Alignment


Approved for Quality PD



Jake H, Principal, St Johns Lutheran

"We have had students interested in coding, but did not have staff with content knowledge to teach it. Whizara did a wonderful job of providing the curriculum and the expertise to give our students great success with their first experience in coding. The students grew tremendously throughout the class, as the instructor was kind, knowledgeable and related well with the students. The scope and sequence of the curriculum was excellent and I couldn’t believe how much progress the students made in just 10 weeks. Our school looks forward to working with Whizara again in the future! "

Hattie M, Founder, Crete Academy

"Whizara program further developed our students' creativity. Using the program not only taught them coding but also critical thinking and reasoning skills that go beyond coding and support students in all subjects. "

Cindy J, Principal, Santa Fe Springs Christian School

"Our school has adopted the coding class provided by Learn2Code and we have found it to be a very valuable enhancement to our STEM programs. Our students have found it engaging and beneficial! We are very pleased with the service we have been provided and the content - the instructor is also wonderful!"
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