In this post we will connect coding and perseverance. The apps that kids use everyday are developed with a lot of painstaking effort. Writing computer programs involves designing a logical solution, programming it, making it aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, and more. Students learn new concepts and implement them in their programs everyday and invariably encounter issues or bugs that are related to logic (the design and organization of the different pieces of the solution), or syntax (related to the grammar of the specific programming language being used).

As the kids work diligently towards completing their wonderful projects, the programs invariably don’t work perfectly the first time around. Bugs come in the way with no magic wand to fix them. The kids, thus, take the ownership to diagnose the bugs and fix their programs using various strategies. As they think through their programs, read and re-read their code and work hard to bring their wonderful ideas to life, they learn not to give up and they develop resilience and patience to find creative solutions!

At Whizara, our instructors are trained to inculcate good programming habits, teach debugging strategies and build perseverance among students by guiding them to the eureka moment!

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